The Stewardship Movement

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Whether you’re a church pastor or small group leader, The Stewardship Movement Video Series & Study Guide will walk you and those attending through the valuable truths revealed in God’s Word about money, poverty, wealth, giving, generosity, and financial management. While budgeting and financial planning are key to our success in this area, God beckons for more, our heart.

This Online, Video Study consists of (8) online lessons + Conclusion. Gather your leadership team or group together once per week for eight weeks for enriching content and conversation.

Personalize this study by purchasing your own Study Guide and ensuring that each attendee has one as well. This will help each of you personalize what you are learning in regard to your money motives, attitudes, and management. The goal? Financial Freedom so that we can serve God and seed into His Kingdom freely!

Once you purchase this online study, you will have unlimited access to these videos via your private portal. Therefore, you can pay once and have unlimited use for many groups to come!


Lesson 1

UNCOVER THE ROOT of where your FINANCIAL BELIEFS about money originate from and come face to face with them in order to prepare your heart to be free in this area.


Lesson 2

UNDERSTAND what the Word of God has to say about POVERTY and WEALTH. Take these truths and utilize them to dispel false beliefs that you may currently hold.


Lesson 3

THE LACK OF NOBILITY IN POVERTY. Discover that God favors neither the poor or the rich and how we can aspire to be the best version of ourselves while honoring God in the process.


Lesson 4

Learn how to HANDLE WEALTH GENEROUSLY. For all of the natural born entrepreneurs out there, or believers who desire a greater degree of financial comfort; discover how you can obtain these things while glorifying the Father and keeping perspective right.


Lesson 5

What does TITHING look like today? Learn how tithing has transitioned to giving under the New Covenant and how we are commissioned to support the mission of the church and where the Spirit leads and how moving in GENEROSITY isn’t linked to your income.


Lesson 6

Now we can APPLY GOD’S WORD to all that we’ve learned and relate it to personal financial management. In this lesson, learn how to set GOALS and create a BUDGET.


Lesson 7

Time to tackle your DEBT, uncover proven financial strategies to pay off your debt and create a debt-reduction plan that you can start using immediately!


Lesson 8

We wrap up the personal financial management section with the important topic of SAVINGS. Discover why saving is not unwise or ungodly and how you can optimize your savings for the FUTURE and TODAY.



Closing remarks from Katelyn regarding The Stewardship Movement and how you can create a movement wherever you are.