Jared & Selena

"Working with Katelyn Swiatek through MAP Financial has been a blessing for our family. I never understood budgeting and did not see how it would really help me because I thought our situation was unique and would not work within a budget. She taught me how to budget, guided me through the process each month, and held me accountable. This sounds restricting but it has actually created more freedom and peace of mind. I do not feel guilty when I spend money, I know what I have to spend and what I want to spend it on. I buy the things I want not just the things that are good deals and I actually spend less. Our income has not changed but I have more of the things that I want to have. My life is not filled up with clutter. I am not stressed each month worrying that our account is over drawn. My husband and I do not get upset at each other over money near as much as before. I spend time with my money, a weekly date to update the budget which does not take long because I am staying caught up and, as with any relationship that is given priority and time, it is improving.

I will be forever grateful not only for the change and hope that this has made in our lives but also for how we can better teach and help our children. Katelyn has a great understanding of sound principles that will help anyone who is committed to achieve financial freedom."


“The typical American spends much the same as you DID on eating out and entertainment per month. I love your posts about the joys of budgeting! Just want to put this out there: I’ve budgeted since I was about 17 and was focused on financial freedom – so as not to be a slave to credit card companies nor a job I hated. Semi retired at 37 years old – 2 days a week for over 10 years now! Budgeting = true freedom from shackles. Great work, guys!”


“To everyone who is a dear friend of mine, you know how I thrive to save up money for traveling! Working for myself is a lot of work, I wish there was no such thing as money, wish we could all barter and trade like the old days….I wanted to share this with you all so please look at it, and refer someone else to this if your not interested…Katelyn Swiatek has helped me pay off my credit card and one of my school loans…hopefully in 6 more months I will be 110% DEBT FREE! So check out her workshop special!  Again, you will save a lot of money by working w/ her!”


“Katelyn came into my life at a time when I definitely needed some financial guidance.

I didn’t need a financial expert telling me where to invest. I needed someone helping me to determine how I could live within my means and not feel like I was desperate to survive. You see, I am retired and living on Social Security and have a little extra each month from a part-time position. I also had some medical bills that I wanted to pay off. I’ve never been a big “shopper”, wasn’t buying a lot of things I didn’t really need; but, I just couldn’t seem to get a handle on it.. I knew I didn’t have a lot, but I shouldn’t be having this much trouble.

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Isaac & Elizabeth

“My husband and I were very impressed with our experience with Katelyn! She is not only super friendly, but is also very thorough, communicates effectively, truly cares about her customers, and assists her clients in implementing the best strategies for their individual financial goals.”

Kurt & Lindsay

“My wife and I had 2 full time jobs grossing $100-$120k with a good chunk in our savings. I left my position and started my own business (using most of that savings) smack in the middle of the recession in 2009. We were confident it would succeed but knew there would be tough times, especially in those first 3 years. Fast forward 3 years and we have 2 full time jobs grossing only $55k…with a new baby and a mortgage adjusting from a 5 year interest only structure with no way to re-finance. We had cut everything we could think of regarding our monthly expenses but were still netting a loss each month. Enter Katelyn and MAP Financial Solutions. After 3 months of working with Katelyn, she was able to help us pay off over $4,000 in debt, freeing up over $200 of cash flow each month, with no increase in income. The coolest thing is that we don’t feel like we’re living on bare bones. Next step is to build back up the savings with our extra cash flow. On a side note, as we got our personal finances under control the business has picked up and continues to grow. Coincidence? Probably not, Thanks Katelyn.”


I recently had the pleasure of taking Ms. Swiatek’s “6 to Financial Awareness” course. I was attracted to this course for several reasons…

The main reason is for the passion that Ms. Swiatek shows towards helping others achieve financial freedom. There is a very dire need for all of us to become more aware of how we are spending our money and how this will either help or hinder us in the future. Ms. Swiatek is an excellent teacher who is patient, caring, practical, focused, organized and consistently determined to help others reach their financial goals. Her advice is useful, easily applicable to daily life and with the systems she had me put in place, I have been able to achieve a higher level of financial success one step at a time. The other reason I liked her course it that I could take it online, in the comfort of my home and after my regular working hours.

I feel so strongly about Ms. Swiatek’s advice and the course that she offers, I wish this information could be taught in high schools across America. The impact it would have on young people just starting their financial lives and the excellent benefits and habits they would achieve, would favorably impact their entire adult lives.

The advice, the information, the instructional excellence, and the passion that Ms. Swiatek brings to this course at such a nominal cost points to there being no valid excuses for someone not taking advantage of what she can offer them. My advice is to sign up for her course now and start reaping the benefits of her advice immediately…