Why Do Goldfish Jump?


This is the image on the cover of the workbook for my course entitled “6 Steps To Financial Awareness.” My husband took one look at the workbook cover and was perplexed why I didn’t put a picture of dollar bills or a happy family, goldfish? He asked me why, I didn’t know. I was simply drawn to this picture, to me, it communicated the pursuit of freedom.

The more that I thought about this, I decided to dedicate some time to research goldfish and why they jump from their tanks. This way, I would have a story to tell people about why a picture of goldfish was on the front cover of their workbook. Let’s just say that the research panned out quite well and this is the official new picture on the workbook!

The goldfish was the earliest fish to be domesticated and they didn’t start out gold either, they were silver. Through breeding over the centuries, they have taken on many different forms, including some color changes!

Through some through Google & You Tube research (wink wink), I found that many goldfish owners have experienced the perplexity of their goldfish jumping from their tanks. According to a Wikipedia article, we can deduce 1 of 3 things about these goldfish’s environments:

1) The water is too hot or too cold, it should be kept between 65-75 degrees Fahrenheit

2) The water quality is poor and needs to be refreshed

3) The fish is stressed, excited or breeding

These are the top 3 reasons why goldfish jump.

Because the goldfish is domesticated and all it has known is it’s tank, it is blind to the real environment that exists outside the tank. But it is dying, it feels that what is outside of the tank is better, because the tank is killing it, fighting for survival, it jumps!

Let’s pretend that you are a goldfish for a moment…come on, play along, it’s fun and you know it. Let’s pretend that the water you are swimming around in is financial bondage – debt, loss of income, arguments with out spouse about money, drop in income, lack of savings.

Why is it that we wait until the water is too hot or cold, quality has gone down or we’re in the midst of stress or excitement (breeding really didn’t apply here…) to decide to jump from the BAD WATER that we’re in?!

Freedom doesn’t exist OUTSIDE our current environment (the tank), it is a matter of changing our current environment. Freedom and Life are within your reach, you just have to start taking steps to change your current environment. Let us help you with that first step, we have several comfortable first steps to chose from below and we work with clients located throughout the United States:


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