A Budget – I’m responsible I don’t need one…


I’m sure we’re all responsible adults in this world but we have to remember that money is emotional. Therefore, when we make decisions about money, guess what? We’re almost always emotional. When we’re experiencing a dilemma we almost always ask our friends for advice, why? Because they can see our situation from another perspective. When we think about the situation, we are emotional.

I think this is the primary reason why many couples have the very best intentions when completing a class on finances but end up doing nothing with what they’ve learned. There is a deeper issue, an emotional one. When it comes to finances, a lot of couples find it extremely hard to communicate. Why? Because there are emotions attached there… It is not that the couple is NOT RESPONSIBLE…it is that the couple’s hearts are somehow tied to money in an unhealthy way, causing friction.

A budget is a family discipline…so if you’re responsible, I would say add this to your repertoire!!

Start today by completing a Cash Flow Worksheet.