Bonjour LaCroix!

10013946 10202201441452059 1554795349 nYesterday marked our first week of the Cash Challenge! We are so thankful to Gerri Willis and FOX Business for allowing us to take this journey with them, it has been an interesting first week filled with various cash adventures.

Week 1 Adventure - Bojour LaCroix!

LaCroix is a sparkling natural drink that was speaking to me off the shelves of Natural Grocers the other night, it was a random purchase. I had picked up my protein powder and then remembered that I also needed to pick up some protein bars for an upcoming trip. Have you ever walked down a “bar” aisle at a natural foods store?! It is Mecca if you are a bar lover…so much to explore, so many fun labels to read…it pretty much rocks my world. On top of this all, it is just fun to eat something called Cookies and Cream and not have it actually consist of Cookies and Cream…ahh yes, welcome to my world. I divert. After I picked up protein bars for my trip, I was craving sparkling water so I walked down the aisle for the drinks and there LaCroix was. I knew of it because a friend of mine drinks it and I have always wanted to try it. I am always on the hunt for a low cal, natural drink…and there it was, I quickly threw it under my arm, as I juggled the protein bars in my other hand. Then I was off to get my jug of protein, somehow I managed to balance this all between my body and both arms.

Checkout Time!

I unloaded it all onto the belt at checkout…then I had a pit hit my stomach. I realized that I only had cash…and while I did have cash in my wallet, I was not sure if it would cover my purchases. I started to quickly add up my items on the belt as the gal in front of me was checking out, I started to break out in a small sweat as the numbers were being added and I glanced in my wallet to see how much cash I had. I looked behind me to make sure no one was there, the coast was clear. Sure enough…as she ran the last protein bar though I was about $3 over the cash that I had in my wallet!

I think the last time I came up short at a register was when I was 18 and had only the cash in my pocket from waiting tables the night before. Why hadn’t I run out of cash at the register since? Because I always have my trusty credit card! But how trusty is my credit card really, when if I did use it that night, I would have impulse bought a drink that I never drink? Oh, and I forgot to mention that I impulse bought Whey protein samples for Stephen to try… What is it about grocery stores and impulse buys? And I wasn’t even hungry!

This Cash Challenge with Gerri Willis of The Willis Report, has taught me that we are going to SAVE MONEY! Yay, one of our favorite things to do. See…we always had the cash to cover impulses against our budget in the past, but that money is now going to savings! Whereas before, it would go towards “slip ups” over our budget, we are pumped, one penny closer to South America!