The Importance Of Long Term Care

Understanding Long-Term Care Insurance

Provided By Jamie Giddings, First Command Financial Services
For many of us, financial planning is synonymous with retirement planning. We plan with the intent to enjoy a comfortable retirement lifestyle, and we dream of the day when we’ll have the time and freedom to pursue long-awaited interests. Many of us, too, make estate planning a part of our retirement plan, thoughtfully considering the financial legacy we’ll leave to our families. But often, even those who carefully plan for tomorrow fail to consider their potential healthcare needs – specifically, the need for long-term care – and the potential impact long-term care expenses can have on their financial well-being.

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Organic Shopping On A Budget

Organic Shopping On a Budget

Thank you to Ashley from Colorado for her question:

Organic food is generally considered much better for us however it is a lofty financial investment, is it worth it in your opinion?

I am passionate about financial freedom for everyone, but I am also just as passionate about health for everyone! A large part of health in my opinion is how we’re eating and we have the ability to make choices about what we put into our mouth! A large concern of mine is the amount of chemicals that are being sprayed on our produce these days and if we’re eating produce that has been sprayed, we are ingesting the chemicals that are harmful to our bodies. Remember that these chemicals are designed to kill these insects…and we’re ingesting them!  So, Ashley, BRAVO for such a great question!

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A Budget – I’m responsible I don’t need one…


I’m sure we’re all responsible adults in this world but we have to remember that money is emotional. Therefore, when we make decisions about money, guess what? We’re almost always emotional. When we’re experiencing a dilemma we almost always ask our friends for advice, why? Because they can see our situation from another perspective. When we think about the situation, we are emotional.

I think this is the primary reason why many couples have the very best intentions when completing a class on finances but end up doing nothing with what they’ve learned. There is a deeper issue, an emotional one. When it comes to finances, a lot of couples find it extremely hard to communicate. Why? Because there are emotions attached there… It is not that the couple is NOT RESPONSIBLE…it is that the couple’s hearts are somehow tied to money in an unhealthy way, causing friction.

A budget is a family discipline…so if you’re responsible, I would say add this to your repertoire!!

Start today by completing a Cash Flow Worksheet.

A Budget – I’m not a numbers person…

Ahhh yes…my favorite excuse. It is my favorite because I used it all the time! My degree is in Marketing, I am a total right brain, creative thinker and all my C’s in college were in accounting and math. With all of this information, how in the world could I be good at finances?! After all, I’m not a numbers person.

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