The Joy of Budgeting – Day 3

3cbd359c109a11e29b3722000a1e8b18 6“Telling your dollars where they go instead of letting your dollars go where they may.”

This morning I asked Stephen what he liked most about our budget and the joy that it brings him…the words above were his answer. I could not agree more…we are at such peace.

The Joy of Budgeting – Day 2

12b6ead80fc611e2af6f22000a1e882d 6The ability to stick to our values. Now that we set aside a little bit of money each month for our personal care needs, when the time comes to stock up we have the cash without affecting our cash flow for the month. We truly value being able to use natural products free of chemicals and additives, but they cost a little more. All it takes is planning…

On a side note – gotta love the “Pit Putty”

The Joy Of Budgeting

10-12-2021Most people do not equate the word “Joy” when it comes to their budget, but in my experience and in my client’s experience, I believe that we can. Join me for a 30 Day Campaign entitled “The Joy Of Budgeting,” where each day I share personal stories with you as to how our budget has improved our life and given us much freedom, peace and contentment.

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