The Joy of Budgeting – Day 9


Until you experience the peace of financial freedom, you cannot explain to someone else what that peace looks or feels like. Most of us can dream about what it would be like to have financial peace, but most of us think that financial peace equates to MORE MONEY. I am here to tell you today that you can have financial peace and you DO NOT need to have MORE MONEY.

It is about becoming a better money manager and learning how to optimize every hard earned dollar that comes in!

The Joy of Budgeting – Day 8

ea7f54fe149011e2bbd422000a1f9ab2 6A fridge full of beautiful and healthy food!

There is a lot of buzz out there about families not being able to “afford” good food. Well, I am here today to tell you that all of us can “afford” anything that we value. Take a moment to self reflect and you will find that you will only buy what you value or need. You don’t “need” to eat healthy food, but if you value it enough, you will find a way to “afford” it.

This is where a budget comes in handy, it acts as your plan so that you can “afford” what you value.

The Joy of Budgeting – Day 7

paneraLittle treats with no guilt or overspending!

My coffee spending has certainly gone down over the past 6 months, in the past I would frequent Starbuck’s at least 2 times per day. I have come along way…but I still love my coffee.

Nothing that feels better than to be able to buy one of my favorite treats with no guilt…or dent in the opportunities that our income offers. Cheers to a Cup of Joe!

The Joy of Budgeting – Day 6


Each month, Stephen and I each get $50 cash that we can spend on whatever we want.  Over the last few months, both of us have been saving our money up.  Yesterday, there was a cute consignment shop that I have never checked out, so I went in.  Have you walked into a store and just thought you you may have entered the first level of Heaven?  Well, yesterday I did!  Name brands and quality galore, like new and amazing prices!!!  Check out the goods I scored for $70!!!!  Hello Anne Taylor, Banana Republic, Polo and White House/Black Market!!!!  Utopia!  I looooovvvvveeee my budget!

The Joy of Budgeting – Day 5

baseball-date-nightDate Nights!!!

Before Stephen and I were on a budget, we would spend anywhere from $500 – $700 per month on eating out and dates!  Can you believe that?  Why did that happen?  Because we did not understand where that money was going, we were not managing our cash!  Now our budget is $100 per month and we do just FINE with that, we can now save that extra $600 or use it it pay down debt.  Budgets equate to FREEDOM, not bondage!!!

The Joy of Budgeting – Day 4

d9b0939a116b11e28e1522000a1ea03a 6I can buy a dish drying mat when I see it in the store for a good deal, without having to call my husband to discuss a purchase.

We have a “home” short term savings account in which we put aside a little bit each month for items that we need to purchase for the home. I have been wanting one of these and found it at Ross for $4!!! I swooped it up with NO guilt!