The Joy of Budgeting – Day 21

mp9004308191Debt Free

Can you imagine being debt free?  IT IS POSSIBLE FOR YOU!  It just takes a goal, plan and action.  A budget is a great planning tool to get there…

The Joy of Budgeting – Day 20


Ever get in arguments with your spouse about money?  Sick of asking permission for purchases under your discussed limit?  If so, there is a way to communicate about your finances that does not create a tense environment…a budget.  It keeps you both on the “same page.”

The Joy of Budgeting – Day 19

mp900438386Happier Home

Ever since Stephen and I have started serious budgeting and expense tracking, we have not been happier.  I can’t remember the last time that we had a disagreement about finances – we are now on the same page and moving in the same direction and have an idea of where we are going.

The Joy of Budgeting – Day 18

dscn2737Eating Out.

I make dinner for us at least 6 days per week, what a blessing it is to be able to eat out together at least 1x per week. It is a TREAT and FUN, we love having this time together…

The Joy of Budgeting – Day 17


There is freedom in a plan.

The Joy of Budgeting – Day 16

katie-w-stateCollege Education

80% of you want to make sure that you either help with or cover the costs of your children’s higher education. A budget allows for you to be able to save money each month towards this goal!!