The Joy of Budgeting – Day 27

20121103-223853Giving – Gifts

We’re all really good at giving and want to give, with a plan you can do more of this!

The Joy of Budgeting – Day 26

20121102-232239Worry Less.

Are you constantly worried about your finances? While I can’t promise that a budget will ELIMINATE your financial worries 100% – I can say that you will worry LESS – this is good for your entire body! Start today people!!!

The Joy of Budgeting – Day 25

20121101-225943Responsible Credit Card Use

Latest plane ticket cost, $5. Latest debt incurred for plane ticket, $0. Latest credit card balance, $0.

The Joy of Budgeting – Day 24

20121031-211002Paying Cash For Major Purchases

Have you ever done this before? Have you experienced the freedom this brings?

The Joy of Budgeting – Day 23

mp900443831Plan – Blueprint

“Without goals, and plans to reach them, you are like a ship that has set sail with no destination.” Fitzhugh Dodson

The Joy of Budgeting – Day 22


All of my clients desire to give more…the beautiful thing about a budget is that you can create a plan in order to give more.  Most goals are reached when they are coupled with a PLAN, if you PLAN to GIVE MORE and stick to your PLAN, you will!  Exciting!