Why do I need a budget?

30-day-challengeWhy don’t you have a budget?

Is it because you’re thinking. . .

I don’t make enough money I’m not a numbers person I’m responsible, I don’t need one I make a lot of money, why would I need a budget? We have one, but my spouse manages it Let me challenge these stances this month, stay tuned!

Why Do Goldfish Jump?


This is the image on the cover of the workbook for my course entitled “6 Steps To Financial Awareness.” My husband took one look at the workbook cover and was perplexed why I didn’t put a picture of dollar bills or a happy family, goldfish? He asked me why, I didn’t know. I was simply drawn to this picture, to me, it communicated the pursuit of freedom.

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The Joy of Budgeting – Day 30

mp900382720A MAP – leading to a “mind at peace”

MAP stands for Mind At Peace, but it also represents the MAP that you need to get there.  I am passionate about you achieving the FINANCIAL PEACE that you desire and I am confident that I can get you there.  In Colorado or outside Colorado, schedule your initial, NO COST Consultation today and get one step closer to a “Mind At Peace!”

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The Joy of Budgeting – Day 29

mp910220936Become A Better Cash Flow Manager

We are all managers of our cash flow, therefore we have the opportunity to create cash flow with the way that we manage our money.  All of us have opportunity before us, it is typically a matter of becoming a better cash flow manager to access that opportunity.

The Joy of Budgeting – Day 28


What do you call a positive cash flow each month?  Opportunity.