30 Ways In 30 Days – Shopping Aware - Day 19

mp900433104Return It

A friend the other day was dismayed because she could not find her receipt for a pair of jeans that she bought for a family member at at store that didn’t fit. She came to the conclusion that she would just have to bite the bullet and take the loss. I asked her where she bought them and she said Kohl’s, I am not a frequent shopper at Kohl’s and I have never returned anything, but I was for sure they would at least give her a store credit. In thinking about writing this today, I looked up the return policy on their website, and indeed, they say, “No receipt? No problem. We’ll give you a refund, an exchange or Merchandise Credit.” SWEET. It pays to know the store’s return policy, make an effort to find it out before shopping at the store. I’ll shop at REI over other less expensive stores, just because I feel that they have a KICKIN’ return policy.