30 Ways In 30 Days – Shopping Aware - Day 11

48c829d2-000f1-035f3-400cb8e1Generic vs. Name Brand

Are you fearful about a food product that has a generic label on is vs. a name brand? From my experience, what it comes down to is quality. While I am attracted to the price of the generic brands, the quality is not always equivalent to the name brands. One example I can think of was with almond butter, there is a brand that we always buy, but we were on a trip and the “store brand” was less than the brand that we normally buy, so I thought, why not? After plucking almond skin from each bite, I determined I would stick with our “name brand” in the future. When it comes to trash bags, generic. Hand soap, generic. Dish soap, generic. This list goes on and on, experiment at little bit and save some money! Check out this fun article about the battle between generic and name brand: