30 Ways In 30 Days – Shopping Aware - Day 8

mp90042303019 Cents Per Day

Back in the old days I would buy 1 – 2 grande coffees from Starbuck’s per day. While I LOVE a cup of coffee from Starbuck’s, I view it more as a treat now, versus an everyday thing. This change of view has made my husband very happy.

In thinking about this topic, I ran some pretty basic & rough numbers. I could go to Starbuck’s tomorrow and pay on average $2.29 for a 16oz coffee (http://aol.it/RlUvtn), or I could brew a cup at home for $0.19. Hmmmm….that is over a $2 difference!!

I can buy a 2 pound bag of coffee at Costco for $11.49 and it will last us about 2 months, that breaks down to $0.19 per day.

What is the point? If I brew at home, I save myself over $766 per year!

Brew At Home Daily – $0.19 * 365 = $69.35

Go To Starbuck’s Daily – $2.29 * 365 = $835.85