Paleo Diet Preparation

The preparation has begun! I purchased the “The Paleo Diet Cookbook” By Loren Cordain at Natural Grocers about a month ago. The beginning of the book is great, because it offers the “chef” a basic premise for the Paleo Diet and how it works.

Stephen was getting anxious about starting the diet tomorrow so I suggested he read the 30 pages at the beginning of the cookbook so that he can prepare his mind for what to expect. Within an hour of sitting down and starting the book, he was up in my office jumping up and down. He said, “I need you to come downstairs when you have a moment. I have pulled all of the non-Paleo items from our cupboards and I’d like to discard of them with you.” Too cute. All it took for him was to read that book and the journey began. It was a nice break from my work, just got back upstairs to share this post with you and wanted to share with you our new cupboards! Empty…wasteland….tumble weeds. Get the drift? Basically a ton of the things that we had in our cupboards that we never thought to think of as “non-Paleo” was NON- PALEO. Soy sauce, beans, corn starch, jello, peanut oil and the list goes on an on. The point is…you will be amazed when you start to clear out!!! I would suggest purchasing one to three books below to get more details on the Paleo Diet or just google it online, although there are differing opinions. We are sticking with Loren Cordain’s recommendations.

“The Paleo Diet Book”

“The Paleo Diet Cookbook”

“The Paleo Diet for Athletes”

“The Wasteland…”


“Bye Bye”


“No More Flour, Dressings, Popcorn…or Rice!”