Going “Bonkers”


Ok kids…this is all I have to say – I am going “bonkers.” No, not literally, I am just having fun playing on words here. Last week, when my training commenced, I felt DRAINED. On every run I felt extremely worn down and bonked continuously. This has been somewhat frustrating, but I do know from my experience with Paleo in the past, that athletes have different needs. So! If you are an athlete, be sure to understand what those needs are so that your training performance does not suffer. I am excited to report that we have invested in “The Paleo Diet For Athletes” by Loren Cordain. In the meantime, I have been munching on a piece of toast after every run, not sure if it is doing much, but in a vague way I am hopeful that I am restoring those glycogen stores.

I have been asked by some why I have chosen to take this path. The primary reason is health. In learning about nutrition and how to fuel the body while striving towards avoiding toxicity and deficiency, I have found that “grains” are not all that they have been portrayed as. I will get back to this, but would also like to report that we have not only changed our diet but also many other things. We will be using “non” toxic (to the human body) items such as dishwasher soap, hand soap, dish soap, laundry detergent, lotions, tooth paste, deodorants, and the list goes on an on. Therefore, this journey goes beyond food – it translates into our daily lives in an effort to pursue a healthier lifestyle. Now, back to grains. I have included some very interesting articles below that might shed some light on the research I have been doing and why I have decided to go Paleo, and now Stephen too.

The next trick, figuring out how to get Stephen enough calories throughout the day and me the “recovery” foods I need for continued optimal performance in training. Coming soon!

For you athletes out there:

How grains are killing you slowly…