Enter The "Bloatato"

bloatatoes-e1339540058741Yes, this is my name for potatoes, “bloatatoes.” In my last post I mentioned how I was bonking major on my runs and it was just not making for fun times. So I decided to take matters into my own hands and buy a 200 pound bag of red potatoes at Costco last week. Why a 200 lb bag (exaggeration) you ask? Because it was only $5, a $5 experiment that went south. I made some beautiful potatoes, I skillfully cut them up ranch style and then nuked them in the microwave. While I know that the caveman did not have the luxury of the microwave, I thought I would just go out on a limb for this experiment. After this, I got my cast iron skillet prepped with a dab of coconut oil and I dropped those puppies (aka potatoes) in the skillet. I was so excited! I finally get to eat something that is not green or was alive at one point. Let’s just say I am not a “meat girl” – while I know I need it, I am not a HUGE fan. Give me a chicken breast and I will cut that sucker up to oblivion to avoid any traces of blood or fat. Oh my word, it just grosses me out. I can’t even cook ground beef, argg. Issues, I know.


Ok, back to my amazing potato cooking story! I added yummy chopped garlic, pepper, a little sea salt and some sauteed onions (oh yea, I did this before adding the potatoes). I was so excited! I allocated myself about a cup of potatoes for dinner with chicken. They were good, but not as good as I remember. Within 15 minutes, my stomach was soo bloated and I felt nauseous. I was contemplating announcing to Stephen when he got home that we were “expecting” and I was due in 2 months. I was SO BUMMED! What happened to my beloved potato? I felt ICK. As I sat there bloated, I scorned the $5 200 lb bag of potatoes, pondering how they could wreak such havoc on my system. So sad. Needless to say, if you get a 200 lb. bag of red potatoes, you know who you are, on your front door step – you’ll know who they’re from!

On to quinoa, brown rice and sweet potato experimentation. Cheers!