My Heart Breaks

My heart is burdened this morning as the weight of the tragedy that has besieged our city hit me. The fire was “harmless” as it engulfed our mountainside towards Rampart Reservoir, but due to a shift in wind yesterday, the fire broke a barrier that was set and entered into our city. I first heard about the fire on Saturday, I could see the smoke rising from the mountain. When I first saw the smoke plume I thought of hikers, animals and cabins. Relieved to hear that all was unscathed, it seemed that the fire became a very sad occurrence in our mountains and it would be out soon. This was my lingering feeling, as I was encouraged to see the firefighters hold off the fire from entering the Cedar Heights subdivision on Sunday. Yesterday everything changed. I got a call from Stephen around 5 p.m. as I was sitting in my office on a conference call with a client, “Have you seen the fire? It is tearing down the mountain!” He soon had to get off the phone with me and I ran outside. I couldn’t believe it, a band of fire was now coming down the mountain towards people’s homes, the sky was grey and ash swirled around me – never has the end felt soo close. I told Stephen later that night, “This is what you see in the movies, and it is happening in Colorado Springs…” It made me think of all those who had to witness the tragedy of 911 and the horror they must have felt as they watched those towers collapse while papers from the office buildings danced in the sky around them. When you face horror head-on like those did in 911 and like others are experiencing here, you can’t put it into words. Today I sit with a heavy, heavy heart. In these times, may we remember the things that are most important to us. Our true rewards sit beyond the boundaries of this life, I pray that we all may be stewards of our resources during this time and extend a helping hand to those in need. It may take time and a small investment, but I encourage you to help someone who has been affected by this horrific tragedy.