Go Big Or Go Home


Life is a crazy game, you can choose to win or lose. If an athlete wants to make it to the Olympics, they better buckle down and devote the next four years to eating, sleeping and dreaming their sport. Life is the same way, perhaps your dream is not to go to the Olympics, perhaps it is to have the freedom to pursue a calling or dream. The only way you are going to get is by dreaming BIG and working HARD. But wait, there’s more.

I have noticed that when we really set our eyes on something that we desire, we are bound to hit a few roadblocks here and there. For example, an athlete training for the Olympics gets injured and they are unable to train at the intensity they need to be training at for 4 weeks. Choice – let this occurrence bring them down or bear down, making the most of their circumstances and drive on MENTALLY. This is the hardest part of success; not giving up when everyone else would have. That is what sets you apart from the rest of those around you. You have to keep going, no matter what. We all have been here and we all have either chosen to give up or drive on. Is there a circumstance that you are experiencing right now that you have given up on? Don’t!!! Hold On!!! You have to learn to build faith in yourself, learning over time that you can hold on and not let go when everyone else around you is.

Perhaps you are in business for yourself and you have hit a rough patch this month? Use this time to plan on how you can IMPROVE yourself and your business. How often do you get the time to do that? You can also utilize this time to determine any changes that you may need to make in order to avoid the same struggles in the future. Look at this time as OPPORTUNITY and nothing else.

Perhaps you are a parent and your child is experiencing some growing pains and you are not sure what to do? Take this opportunity to learn how to better communicate with your child and learn more about who they are and what their dreams are. Ask them what you can do better for them.

Whatever it is that you are going through this month, take a moment to look at it as an OPPORTUNITY and nothing else. Easier said than done, yes, but this growth step will change your life. I love this picture of the guy above catching a Frisbee. Let’s pretend that the Frisbee is a dagger that life just threw at you, how are you going to catch it? I chose to catch it with STYLE.

To your success!