swimmerEndurance is not a genetic gift, it is a mental make-up. In watching the Pre-Olympic athletes with anticipation, I reflect on their “endurance.” Their endurance is made up of their patience, time, discipline, focus, training, nutrition, mental exercises and much more. Their endurance took effort and did not come to them by happenstance or genetics. These athletes are the prime example of how these characteristics can produce excellence. With that said, I feel that everyone is capable of excellence. Your excellence may be different than Michael Phelps or Donald Trump, but your excellence is achievable – if you are willing to endure.

What is it that you are passionate about? Once you have identified what you are passionate about, ask yourself what you have dedicated to this passion – your time, patience, discipline, focus? Do you feel like you have given this passion your all? Did you endure?

Unless you make the choice to endure tomorrow, the excellence you crave will not occur. The excellence you crave requires endurance. Remember that endurance takes time to build, therefore, start out small – 10 minutes. Then build on that and keep building, most important, don’t give up. Endure.