Keys To Financial Freedom

slide1One of the questions I ask all clients before I work with them is, “What are your top 3 goals for your financial future?” The responses to this question are almost always the same – to pay a particular loan off, be debt free, have financial stability and many other similar answers. What this tells me is that my clients have a similar goal – to be free from financial slavery.

What does financial slavery look like to you? Credit card debt that you are carrying? A mound of student loans that you still have to pay back? Worrying about getting sick because you can’t afford to go to the doctor? Trouble producing a cash flow in your business?

Whatever it may be in your life that is weighing you down due to “lack of money,” these emotions are simply not healthy. Do you realize that financial worries have been cited as the leading cause of chronic stress? That this stress causes over 25% of Americans to miss approximately 16 days of work each year? How is missing work going to help alleviate that financial stress? Do you see a disconnect here?

We become what we focus our thoughts on. “Hokiness” aside, let’s think about this. When I was learning to mountain bike a friend said to me, “Katelyn, don’t look at the rocks as you are careening down the mountain, if you look at them, they will jump out at you and you WILL hit them!” When I first heard this I shrugged it off, but my friend was so right: If I focused on the rocks in an effort to avoid them, I ended up hitting them!

The first step out of financial bondage is to – Realign Your Focus.

Start today by not focusing on the stress that you feel about your current financial situation, instead, review your day and declare all of the opportunities that you are thankful for that await you! Do this every day or every time you have a negative thought come into your mind about your “situation.” Another very important component that goes along with this process is the second step.

The second step out of financial bondage is to – Choose Success.

I have found that a lot of my brothers and sisters have a fear about choosing success. They feel that if success is meant to be given to them, that it will come in due time. I could not disagree more with this philosophy. Operate under the grace which has been extended to you, but also realize that your participation is required.

Try this exercise:

1: Go into a quiet room and close your eyes really tight.

2: Quiet your thoughts and picture yourself at work.

3: Focus on this thought for 2 minutes, no less.

4: You should now physically be at work.

Did you think your way to work? NO!!! And if you did, we need to talk.

If you need to go to work, you make a conscious effort to:

1: Wake up

2: Get ready for work

3: Get into your car and turn on the engine, back out

4: Drive to work

5: Get out of your car, go into work

In the second exercise listed above you see 3 things happening – purpose, focus and action. Without all of those three items working together each day, I don’t know how you would get to work in the morning or do anything that you have a “purpose” to do.

In this example you are choosing to focus on your purpose and then executing action to ensure that your purpose is met.

Tell me, why would you not choose to do that with your finances?

Your purpose is to be financially free.

Your focus is on financial freedom. (NOT SLAVERY – hint hint)

Your action is to take the necessary steps.

Give steps one and two a “go” this next month. I guarantee that if you stay focused and take the necessary steps to make a difference, you will make progress towards financial freedom.

Have questions about this?

Email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . If you would prefer more individualized help, I do offer counseling programs that can break the bond of financial slavery in your life. Give me a call today for more information at (719) 213.5607.