The Dirty Dozen


Stephen and I have been eating Paleo for over 3 months now. Paleo is lean protein, vegetables, fruit, seeds, nuts and oil. With Paleo eating, 95% of our refrigerator is produce which caused a large spike in our grocery budget. Before starting Paleo, I would buy 100% organic produce, now it’s closer to 40% organic. It has been bothering me tremendously to know the amount of toxins that are entering our bodies from non-organic produce. Recently, my step-father told me about a list called “The Dirty Dozen.” It is a list that is comprised of the most contaminated fruits and vegetables that you should ALWAYS purchase organic. This list also contains a list of vegetables and fruits that are called the “Clean 15″ which you can consider purchasing non-organic.

Eat organic and save money – download the list here:

Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen Card