Small Tips To Make The Holidays Less Financially Stressful…


How has your fall been? If you are in Colorado, you will have experienced our first snow fall right before Halloween. In past years, when we get our first snow before Halloween, it is going to be a SNOWY winter…but I am no weather forecaster, so don’t hold me to it! One of my favorite parts about Colorado Springs this time of year are the sun’s rays bouncing off the freshly dropped snow…this is why I’ve lived here my entire life; the beauty is breathtaking.

Snow marks the beginning of the holiday season for us here in Colorado, and with the holidays come expenses. Now is the perfect opportunity to start saving for upcoming expenses so that you are not crippled financially during this time and you can relax versus stress. I have complied a small, three point list below to help you plan for the upcoming holidays so that your cash flow does not take a beating.

1) Make a list of upcoming expenses for November and December – this would include travel expenses, gifts, food, ect.

2) Determine the amount of money that you will need for each item on your list (itemize gifts for each person for planning purposes).

3) Create a plan to save this cash over the next few months so that when the expenses come up, you are not cutting into your monthly cash flow.

To a Financially Stress Free Holiday Season!