“I can’t afford it…”

mp9004312431We all have an expression that when we hear it, we cringe. “I can’t afford it,” is like fingernails on a chalkboard to me. This expression is a lie that we have trained ourselves to believe about our circumstances. I will preface this comment with the fact that anyone can dream up something to disprove what I just said, but I will tell you that in most cases this expression is a false belief that many of us carry with us everyday.

Let’s look at an example:

Ladies, you need a purse, so you go to Ross and find the perfect purse and you buy it…you are happy. Whereas your friend needs a purse and she goes to Coach and buys her purse…she is happy. You spent less than your friend at Ross, your friend spent more at Coach. Is your friend wrong for spending more? Not necessarily. Your friend just “values” a Coach purse more than you do. Neither of your are wrong in your decision (bearing that you both had the necessary income/savings/ect. to justify your purchases). See “affording” something is not a matter of truly “affording” it, it is a matter of valuing it. If you “valued” Coach purses, you would buy your purse at Coach instead of Ross and you would find a way to “afford” it.

Most of us use the expression, “I can’t afford it,” to get out out things that we don’t value as much as the other person – there is nothing wrong with the fact that our values don’t align with there’s, but let’s be honest with ourselves and call it what it is.

Evaluate yourself this week…when you catch yourself saying that you can’t “afford” something, reflect. Ask yourself, “Is it that I really can’t “afford” it or is it more that I could come up with a way to afford it, but don’t value it enough to “afford” it?”