Your Ego


Ego has such a negative connotation when it is mentioned, but ultimately, we all have an ego. Our ego is simply our self-image and we all have one of those. Our self-image is how we differentiate ourselves from the world around us, it is how we want others to see us or how we see ourselves and the desire to project that image onto others.

The ego is fragile.

You see the world take down the egos of Hollywood stars all the time. Ego is a state of awareness that supercedes the need for others. We all wrestle with our ego (self-image), it is just a matter of whether we chose to allow our ego to control our destiny. Our ego can mask the reality of ourselves because we truly don’t want to understand who we are and the power that we possess.

Our ego strives to prove our importance to others.

The trouble is, that the moment that we achieve importance with others (i.e. Hollywood Star), our ego becomes extremely fragile because we are at the mercy of how the world views us. If they don’t approve, our identity (i.e. ego, self-image) can be lost, and then our destiny lost.

With this said, the importance of keeping our ego in a humble state is a necessity to long term survival.

Humility is not a requirement for the world, yet an admirable trait worthy of honor for those in influential positions.

Humility and weakness should never be confused, they are not the same.

So instead of focusing so much on our ego (i.e. self-image), let us turn our focus inward to our destiny, that is where true happiness and peace will be found.