The Hamster Wheel of Life


This past weekend, Stephen and I sat down to discuss where we are at in life. We both came to the grim realization that we were stuck – running the wheel of life each day – the same drill each moment – yadah yadah. We all know this cycle. We all have been “stuck” in it at one point or another, or perhaps you are stuck in it now? It is not fun and Stephen and I are bound and determined NOT to live this way – our purpose and passion are TOO great.

So how do we get here? Some of us get here by basking in the pain of our past, maybe you are dissatisfied at your job and tired of your boss, perhaps you feel the weight of your credit card debt each day and that is bogging you down, are you surrounding yourself with negative people or allowing bitterness to rule your life? Whatever it is, it is time to get off the wheel. The only way off is RISK. Take that leap of faith to pursue your passion, plan a trip to Europe, tell your wife that you love her despite the argument last night – are you catching the drift?

Stop allowing fear to hold you back from experiencing the true essence of what life has to offer – jump off the wheel and start your new way of living today!