30 Ways In 30 Days – Shopping Aware - Day 26

25Make It!

I am a sucker for furniture, but the problem with that, is that furniture is expensive!!!  I have found a fun new hobby and that is updating furniture that others might consider trash.  This table with chairs cost us $20.  This table was sitting outside of my neighbors house with paint spatter and chewed up corners, they sold it to us for $10.  These chairs are hand-made from Germany and were being sold by a couple in their garage sale, $5 each.  This table sits 8 comfortably, we used to only sit 4 with our old table.  Pretty amazing hah?  Now this cost does not include my time sanding and re-staining the table or the stain, but I got a beautiful table for a lot less than I would have spent to get all of this NEW!  Plus, it’s fun…. :-)