30 Ways In 30 Days – Shopping Aware - Day 21

mp900178035The Purpose Of Your Glove Box

What a strange word, glove box. Do you keep gloves in your box? I don’t! I keep my registration and insurance information, a map of Colorado, and a tire pressure reader. Do you know what my glove box is missing? Coupons. I have a tendency to to function on emotion, therefore, I shop on emotion most of the time. Oh, hey, I have 2 hours and I need to shop in the next few days and I have time now, and I go grocery shopping. But you know what happens when this happens…every 2 weeks? I never have my coupons!!!! It drives me crazy…therefore, my solution is to put my coupons in my glove box or anywhere in my car, so that when this happens, I have my coupons!