Financial Freedom: What does it mean to you?


Financial Freedom is a cliché term used and it means something very different for every person. For my husband, financial freedom is the freedom from the dependence on a company to pay him every other week. For myself, it’s the ability to give freely to others without the stretch of providing for our own needs. And for others it may be the freedom from living paycheck to paycheck, having money saved for emergencies, or being debt-free. Whatever your definition of financial freedom is, it certainly means something different to many of us.

What if we were to take these definitions of financial freedom and applied them to our Christian faith? What type of impact do you think we could have on the Kingdom? Walking in this newfound freedom in relation to our finances. How would this financial freedom trickle into all aspects of our daily lives like our marriages, the church, and our testimony of the gospel? Even into eternity?

It is my belief that our financial freedom is not something that our Father takes lightly. Meaning, it is important for us to live our lives in a way that moves us toward financial freedom. It’s important to not shield ourselves from this concept for fear of losing our faith. Financial freedom does not always account to Ferraris and mansions; although it may for some of us. Financial freedom is a state of mind, a higher calling, to which I believe all of us are called to. Yes, this includes you!

Let’s first talk about how financial freedom can influence a marriage. Some of the greatest points of stress in my marriage have been when money was tight, there was high amounts of unpaid debt, and a loss of work. While a new job and more income have not made our marriage perfect, it certainly has brought the stress level down. If this is the case, can all of us attest to how financial freedom would indeed bless a marriage? I believe so. Why wouldn’t God want that in our lives? Wouldn’t it help our daily walk if we were less stressed, fighting less, and had a sense of wellbeing and security?

In addition to marriage, our state of financial freedom can also tremendously impact the church. By walking in financial freedom, we’re able to support the church in its mission. Not only does the church need to keep the lights on, which supports the facility in which the Word of God is shared with others on a weekly basis, but the church is also fulfilling missions all over the world. Our freedom to get behind our church is powerful. It has Kingdom impact, it moves things forward. Some of my saddest moments are when I feel like I can’t give the church more; especially a church that I believe in and stand with. The church is a powerful component in the Kingdom and our support of it is a necessity.

Not only can financial freedom affect our marriages and the church, but it is also a reflection of our faith. The gospel is a profession of our faith, the way we live our lives speaks to others. Therefore, if we’re not managing our finances in a responsible way, how are we professing that what we believe is righteous? In his book Relentless, John Bevere states, “If we cannot pay our bills, we propagate a bad name” (98-99). Growing up in a family of non-Christians, this was the biggest beef I heard, the hypocrisy of the Christians. They say one thing but do another. We are called to mange our finances in a way that reflects control, godliness, generosity, and wisdom. What I find even more revelatory is found in 2 Corinthians 9:6-15. If we can get our hearts right, and learn to give generously, we have the ability to reflect the gospel to others. But for a majority of us, it is difficult to operate in generosity if our finances are in a state of chaos.  This is powerful. Our finances become a large part in the reflection of our faith to others. Not only in how we manage them, but our generosity becomes a large part of our profession of the gospel to others.

In the end, I want to hear, “Well done, good and faithful servant!” I want to hear and experience this NOW. In the Parable of the Talents (Matthew 25:14-30) we see how the way we manage the resources is being watched and measured. There is an eternal significance to what we do today in relation to our finances. If there is anything that puts a fire under me, it’s this. See, financial freedom is more than Ferraris and mansions; financial freedom is a reflection of our walk with God that pours out to our relationships, the church, the gospel, and eternity. This is an area of our faith that we need to start taking seriously.

Where can you start?

If you’re a pastor, pick up a copy of The Stewardship Movement here. It’s time to get to the heart of the matter in terms of finances. I taught people how to budget and pay off debt for years…but their financial freedom only changed when their hearts did. That is what this book is all about, helping others uncover their hearts’ condition regarding finances and giving them practical steps on how to change their financial state. We also offer this study as a curriculum that you can start hosting in your church today, click here.

If you’re a church member and you desire change in your life in terms of your finances and you would like to increase your financial freedom in a biblical way, lead a study group. Sign up by clicking here. This 9 week journey will lead you and your study group’s hearts to what God’s Word says about financial freedom and how to manage your finances in a way a glorifies him. It’s time to break the chains of financial slavery!