Faith Can Defy Logic


As adults we have accumulated knowledge. Therefore, most of our   decisions are based on this knowledge.

This knowledge can also be labeled as logic. While God created logic, there are aspects of logic that defy our faith.

There is something inside of us that resists logic’s ability to make us question. We take a step of faith only to be met with what we may label as “defeat.”

We say to ourselves, “I believed, it didn’t work and I was wrong, therefore my ability to have faith is wrong.”

Yet faith and logic don’t necessarily co-exist.

There are elements of our faith that grow and mature in the hidden ways of God, even when we don’t logically see the outcome we expect.

Therefore, here is the commission. Continue to have faith, no matter how many times the answer to your faith doesn’t line up with what you logically expected.

Remember, God is working all things together for good when we seek His face and love Him.

Our love for God will enable us to continue in our faith – keep believing!


What have you given up on? Is it possible that God is working this situation together for good, yet the answer exists outside of your expected logical, outcome?