Less About Me, More About Him

Journal Entry Image

 “I still myself in your presence, I let out a sigh of relief and welcome you into my heart.

My knees fall to the ground and my face looks upon your throne.

My voice cries out – Holy, Holy, Holy – King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Worthy is the Lamb.

Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven.

Jesus, thank you for today – Father God, please use me today as a vessel to bring glory and honor to you.

I know that by your empowering grace that you can use me to advance your Kingdom no matter where I am.

I ask for your favor and blessing today, that I might be able to lead my day in a way that’s pleasing to you.”



As the Holy Spirit led me to inscribe a prayer this morning in my journal, I was lead to reference the Lord’s prayer as a template. I noticed that as I did this, my prayer became less about me, and more about bringing the Father glory.

What a humbling experience.

My prayer takes a path at the end that I did not expect, one that is not the norm for me. Typically I write to the Lord empowering prayers, authoritative prayers regarding my life or the lives of others the Sprit leads me to pray for.

Afterward, I dust off my hands and feel pleased in my “accomplishment.”

Today wasn’t about getting anything off my chest, today was about coming to the Lord’s feet – in awe and ready to serve.

After having this experience, my heart questions…ponders…no…is encouraged.

Perhaps I see why Jesus lead us to pray in this way. Perhaps He leads us to pray this way so that the focus is less on ourselves and more about His will for our lives? What a greater honor, than to bring the Creator of the Universe glory each day! It’s not that I don’t think we desire to do this, but perhaps we neglect this valuable "prayer template" given by Jesus to get us there?

Try It!

Get out a piece of paper or your journal. Open up your Bible to Matthew 6:9-13. Utilize the Lord’s Prayer as a “template” and write your own version that follows along with it.