Just the other day I was talking with a girlfriend about how easy it is to get our identity wrapped up in our stuff. The object of our discussion was our homes. While neither of us desire to fill our homes with “stuff,” we still were talking about how having a comfortable home that we’re proud of is important to us. The one word she used that really struck my spirit as we were talking was “identity.”

I was sharing with her how Stephen and I had sold practically everything in our home last year because we were sure that we would be moving over seas the following year. I told her about how this experience made me realize that it can be quite easy to fill our homes with “stuff” that will either be sold in an estate sale some day or end up in a trash heap. That all this money and time we invest in this stuff is for what? While I did gain this amazing perspective, her use of the word “identity” got me thinking. Maybe I don’t have this all figured out yet? Is my identity still wrapped up in my home and the car I drive? Yes.

Dang It! Here I thought I had learned the lesson, check it off and move onto the next.

This then lead us to the discussion of having nice things. That all good things come from God. I felt our discussion pointing to the message that God has been speaking to my heart along – “It’s not what you have that is the issue, it’s your heart.” Amongst our discussion I found some cobwebs that needed a sweeping…

So, my desire is to press into this word IDENTITY. Thank you to my friend and the Holy Sprit for challenging my heart in this area. While I may not desire to stuff my home with meaningless objects like I may have in the past, how can I move past finding my sole identity in my home?

Question To Ponder:

What is your identity wrapped up in that you feel the Holy Spirit is directing you to release so that you might be able to press into God's identity for you?