Let Go and Let God

CharlieBarf right? Well, as a follower of Christ, this phrase was barf to me for a looonnnggg time. Being the control freak that I am, this phrase bugged me and still does to an extent. While I don’t think that we should ever rely on this phrase as a crutch in life, I do believe that it does have a strong meaning for my fellow control freaks out there.

I have been through a tremendous season of having the perfect plan and that perfect plan falling flat on its face, over and over across the past 2 years. There have been many instances when I wanted to flat out quit, but I haven’t yet. I continue to push forward in what I feel like God is calling me to do and while that has been and continues to be very challenging, I know in my gut that I am doing what I have been called to do. With all of this said, I am learning that sometimes I need to, “let go and let God,” this was proven clear to me through a little kitty named Charlie.

Charlie is a little black with brown tinted cat, he is probably less than a year old and has beautiful greenish, bluish eyes. His meow is sweet and low and his demeanor is cuddly and loving. Charlie is the name that I gave to this little guy that ended up on my porch one day, we have a lot of cats in the neighborhood, but there was something about Charlie that was different. He sat at our sliding glass door peering into our dining room as if he had arrived and we had been waiting for him. When greeted, he happily meowed with joy. He was different. I was worried for Charlie when I first met him because I had never seen him in our neighborhood before, is he a stray? Does he belong to anyone? I thought he must just be wandering the neighborhood, but wanted to test his appetite to see if he might be a stray. He did not attack the food, instead he took every moment with me that he could soaking up the pets coming his way, circling me excitedly.

My initial encounter with Charlie was brief as Stephen and I were off to New York City the next day for a 2 day trip. I figured when we would be back that Charlie would have moved on, well he didn’t. I again spent time feeding him, giving him water, worrying about him and even crying for him. See, I wanted to ignore the little fella, seeing animals outside like this, is so hard for me. I rescue stray dogs all the time and so, it seemed that Charlie did not have a home. We could not take him in because we already have three cats of our own and I don’t know if Charlie has any sicknesses. So…we had to leave Charlie outside. I still felt the Lord tugging on my heart to continue to give Charlie food, water and pets and that I did and continue to do.

During the course of this week or so, I have called several no kill animal shelters, got him checked for a microchip, asked friends if they knew of a home for him, ect, but my spirit never quite felt settled about doing any of this. So, the other morning I cried out to God, “WHY?!?!” I felt the Lord say to me, “Let him be.” What? Let him be?! Are you kidding me Lord, here is an innocent kitty outside with scary predators, cars, ect. – Let him be?! Yes…that is what I heard, that is what I continue to hear and that is truly what my spirit felt from the beginning. So…for the last day…I have let it be, anytime I get anxious about Charlie I pray a prayer for him, and that we find him a nice home, somehow, if he does not have one. I continue to feed him in the morning and at night and give him pets and trust that the Lord will bless and keep him better than I ever could, after all I am dealing with the Master of the Universe who created Charlie to begin with. So…I am practicing.

How funny that the Lord would take something so close to my heart like a little animal to teach me this lesson…I am still struggling to hold onto the control in this situation, but I am really trying to let go. I have watched Charlie bopping around on our deck all morning and continue to pray for him. This has been hard, but I trust that the Lord is going to help me grow tremendously in my faith through this little angel, Charlie.

So, in life, sometimes you do need to let go and let God. Thank you to Charlie for the excellent instruction!