Receive It!

MP900422261To receive is not to take away from someone else.  Receiving is accepting a gift that has been extended to you.  It seems that a majority of us have trouble in receiving something from someone because we feel like we are taking something from them.  Why do we keep letting our pride, fear or shame get in the way of a gift that someone wants to bestow upon us?  Do you ever feel guilty when you get a gift from someone and you feel like they spent too much money on you?  Argg, I hate that feeling.  Why is it that we experience that emotion? 

This is an area that I have been exploring through dialogue with peers, friends and family and I’m not quite sure that I’ve arrived at a final conclusion yet, other than:

Receiving is not taking.

The word take is defined by as “to get into one’s possession” and “to seize or capture.”  Whereas receive is defined as, “to take into one’s possession” and “to have…bestowed.”  Notice how similar the two words are defined – “to get/take into one’s possession.”  No wonder we get these two actions confused!  Yet upon further review, we see that although both actions are bringing things towards us, receiving is taking something into one’s possession that has already been pre-determined by the other party, voluntarily and perhaps even joyfully!  Do you see the difference?  The person giving you the item is delighted to offer it to you, nothing is being taken from them.  It is like opening presents at Christmas, isn’t it fun to watch people open the gifts that you had picked out for them?  Seeing their excitement and joy as they uncover what you thought they would enjoy.  That is an action of giving and receiving.

So, next time when someone wants to give you something, receive it!