Risk Is Good - For Everyone

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This morning it was pouring rain here in Colorado and it has been now for over 2 days, refreshing after all of the hot weather we’ve been having.  I decided that I wanted to get my run in the morning, so I decided to brave the storm.  The creek next to the trail was raging with water and I felt like I was the only soul standing out in this rain storm for several square miles.  I was encouraged as I started to run and I saw this man out on the trail in front of me, braving the pelting rain from the gusting winds.  With each step I realized that despite my rain jacket and other precautions, the likelihood of me finishing this run soaked, was 100%.  As I made my way towards the other runner on the trail, I could not help but chuckle to myself and question my sanity…it was crazy, pouring rain and wind – I had a brief moment when I thought to myself that going back to my dry car was the best option and that I would get out later in the day when the rain stopped.   I wrestled with the thought for a few minutes, but pressed forward into the storm.  I had a flashback to Stephen and I’s conversation just moments before as he questioned my reasoning and cautioned against hypothermia jokingly… 

While the fear of the risk I took to run in the pouring rain beckoned to penetrate my thoughts, I chose to push it out.  I made my way up the trail and entered a clearing into a field about 10 minutes into my run, as the rain poured down my face, I looked around and started to laugh.  This was life.  This was beauty.  This was joy.  This was adventure.  This was fun.  This was risk.  My heart filled with a giddy joy with each step, I thought to myself, “This is crazy!”  But man, was it fun.  In that moment, the only two that existed in that space was me and my Creator.
Thoughts filled my mind with each step and the minutes flew by, before I knew it I was halfway done and on my way home.  As I ran, I thought about the risks in life that we need to take in order to get to these serene moments.  If I did not make the conscious decision to get out and run in the rain or to ignore my nagging fears, I would have never experienced the pure joy of this run.  And what did it take for me to get there?  It took me to decide and act, in good measure and with no fear of the possible risks.

Why are we soo adverse to risk?  What is wrong with risk and how in the world can we expect to grow as people if we are never taking risks?  If your heart desires good things or freedom in regards to your finances, but you never take risks and expect different results…then you’re insane right?

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” - Albert Einstein

Do you think that Albert Einstein took risks in his life?  Look around you at the people you admire and ask them if they’ve taken risks, I guarantee they have.  Why do we seek “security” by staying “secure?”  We want security, but we’re already pretty secure…it is risk that guides us to the security we are seeking.  The wealthiest people I know have all taken risks in their lives…risk is a necessary part in growing into the people that we want to become.

So, today, take a noble, upright and honest risk (within reason of course) – a risk that grows you as a person so that you can become all that you have been created to be.  We are destined to be great, may your risks propel you in that direction!